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Buses in Bangkok

Bangkok Bus Daily Operating Hours 5 am - 11 pm
Night buses run 24 hours per day

Bangkok bus map and listings are found below.
City buses in Bangkok traffic most Hotels and sights.

Get on the buses at bus stops that consist of signs with the buses'
numbers on them.
Make sure you give a sign to the driver that you want to get on the bus.
Tickets are bought on board the buses
Show the driver you want to get off the bus by standing up approaching the doors.

Buses with blue signs in the front window traffic the normal route. Buses with yellow signs take the expressway and do therefore not stop at at many stops.

To travel between Bangkok city center and Suvarnabhumi International Airport, see the section To & From the Airport

Bus Route Listing

Bangkok Bus route listing

Bangkok Bus Map

Bus Route 1-14
Bus Route 15-30
Bus Route 32-49
Bus Route 50-70
Bus Route 71-88
Bus Route 501-516

Bus Lines with 24 Hours Service

2 4 22
23 25 29
34 59 76
91 145 203


  • Orange air-conditioned buses, 11-24 baht depending on distance
  • New yellow air-conditioned buses, 10-12 flat fee
  • Non-air conditioned buses, 8 baht
  • Red buses (non-air conditioned), 7 baht
  • After 10.00pm 1.5 Baht extra
  • About half of the red buses are free
  • Tickets bought on board, change is given
  • All kinds of buses operate all routes